You have written a text in German or somebody has translated a manuscript for you from the English into the German and now you are looking for a German native speaker to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation? I help you to avoid mistakes, providing you with a text in accordance with the reformed German spelling.


Building on my extensive experience as a researcher in Europe and the Americas I also offer a number of ...

Other Service Provisions

  • I compile bibliographies (with or without annotations and/or shelfmarks), summarise and assess monographs, edited volumes, and articles, and check quotes for you;
  • Do research in German archives for you — I transcribe specific documents, check certain files or look at entire collections;
  • Translate manuscripts from the English into the German;
  • And I write expert’s opinions for you about books written in German which you would possibly like to include as translations in your publisher’s list.


The fee for the editing of texts depends, in general, on the quality and the length of the manuscript, that is to say, the amount of time it takes to make all the necessary corrections. It is also possible to agree on package deals, however.


A non-binding estimate is only made on the basis of a sample extract. The settlement of accounts on its part is based on an invoice payable within seven working days after its making out.


My fee for the compilation of bibliographies, research in archives, translations, and the writing of expert’s opinions is subject to individual agreements. The same applies to the terms of payments.

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